Rules & Etiquette

Code of Conduct/Rules
Willow & Wolf Ranch (W&WR) is a private ranch that is committed to maintaining a safe and beautiful equine training facility for its trainers, boarders and invited guests to enjoy. As such, the following information is to serve as overall barn etiquette and rules to be followed at all times. This includes, but is not limited to guests, boarders, trainers, students, family members, friends, contractors and employees. These rules may be updated or modified at the sole discretion of W&WR at any time. We are a community at W&WR so let’s look out for each other and keep W&WR the spectacular and unique place that it is.

General Rules - Anyone who comes to Willow & Wolf Ranch (W&WR), for any reason, must sign the Guest Liability Release provided on the Premises or by computer link, even if they are not riding. Please read it carefully, sign it and it will be kept on file. All riders must sign a liability release before handling or riding any horse & all guests must sign a guest release. It is a boarder's responsibility to ensure that all his or her guests have filled out and signed such release. 

W&WR Premises are PRIVATE property. Those who have not been invited and signed a Guest Release are trespassing. Willow & Wolf Ranch reserves the right to remove or refuse entry to anyone at any time and/or for any reason.
• All rules are subject to change and modification at any time. Updated versions will be posted.

• All Parents/Guardians of Minors must sign a Guest release for the Minor and for themselves.

Rules of Conduct
• Speed limit at W&WR is 5 MPH.

• Park in designated parking areas only (along fence lines). •

No dogs and other pets are allowed at W&WR at any time.

• Wash racks must be kept clean. NO GROOMING in wash racks.

• Minors must have a supervising adult at W&WR at all times. No exceptions.

• NO SMOKING (anywhere on the premises) or drug use.  

• While riding, all riders must wear an approved ASTM certified safety helmet. No exceptions.

• No open flames or heat sources allowed on site.

• No jumping or riding unsupervised at any time.• Please ensure all gates are kept closed at all times.

• WEAPONS, including firearms, of any type are not allowed at W&WR.Facility Maintenance
• Grain and supplements must be stored in the designated grain rooms in rodent proof, sealed containers at all times. Any spilled grain should be cleaned up immediately as to avoid attracting vermin.

• Food waste must be thrown away in sealed waste receptacles

• Please DO NOT waste water; turn off water after use and use buckets whenever possible. 
• Help make W&WR Premises a fun, friendly and supportive environment for all! Be nice to others, both people and horses, no exceptions. Treat other boarders, ranch employees, contractors, family members and guests (including their horses and property) with the same kindness and respect with which you would like to be treated, while at W&WR, at shows, clinics and on social media.•

At all times, W&WR is to remain a friendly, welcoming environment that is suitable for all members of the W&WR community and guests. No belligerent, malicious, vulgar, profane or otherwise objectionable conduct or language will be tolerated. The conduct of everyone on Premises will at all times be dignified and civil.

• Do not use or borrow things that aren’t yours unless you have permission from the owner.Facilities Info.
• Residential areas at W&WR are Private and off limits. Boarders, guests & workers have access to designated ranch areas only & at no time (unless expressly invited) should venture beyond the gate or fences leading to restricted areas.

• The following areas are off limits:

A.) All residential dwellings;

B.) Hay barn (in or around) except the designated bathroom location;

C.) Upper barn;

D.) Manure pile and adjacent equipment storage area. 

• Dumpsters located on premises are for W&WR staff to use. No garbage may be brought on site for disposal.

• Restrooms located at W&WR are to be kept clean. Do not flush ANYTHING down the toilet except provided toilet paper. Arena Etiquette
• Arenas are solely for the purpose of riding – DO NOT use arenas for turnouts. Free running and/or free lunging are NOT allowed in the indoor or outdoor arenas at any time.

• Clean up after your horse when you have finished riding—put away all gear and remove all manure that has been deposited by your horse.

• Keep as much space between horses as possible regardless of your direction, speed & level of work.

• Recognize when there is an emergency and ensure action is taken (don’t assume someone else will).

• Check the area to ensure its safe before proceeding to the injured person. Do not attempt to perform any type of aid above your level of training/certification. Sometimes the best thing you can do is to keep the injured person calm and ensure his or her safety (protect from surround hazards like loose horses, downed electrical wires, snakes, other people, etc.) along with your own and other helpers.

• Call 9-1-1 or ensure that someone does so on your behalf.

• Notify W&WR staff immediately.• Send someone to the main gate (aka gate 1) to open and guide emergency personnel in.Fire Related Emergencies

• If you see smoke or fire take immediate action

• If you can, quickly extinguish the fire with an available fire extinguisher. Do this only if you are comfortable considering your experience & training.

• Call 9-1-1 or ensure that someone does so on your behalf.

• Notify/evacuate people and animals in the immediate area.

• Notify W&WR staff immediately.• Send someone to the main gate (aka Gate 1) to open it and guide emergency personnel to the exact emergency location.Snake Related Emergencies

• Understand that W&WR is in snake country and encounters with Rattle Snakes is possible.

• Follow the directions for “Injury Related” emergencies above.

• If safe to do so, the injured person should remove watches, rings, etc., which may constrict swelling.

• If you encounter/see a rattle snake on the premises, please alert W&WR staff immediately. Do not attempt to handle snakes or any other wildlife.COVID-19
CDC recommended masks are required at all times while at W&WR. 
• If you are sick, have any symptoms (e.g., fever, loss of taste, headaches, cough, body aches, etc.), do not come to W&WR.

• Wash hands frequently or use hand sanitizer

• Maintain a distance of at least 6 feet between you and all other people. 

• Limit time inside tack rooms, grain rooms, offices and the lounge.

• No more than 2 people should be in a tack room at the same time and no more than 4 in the lounge.

• If you believe you have been exposed, please let W&WR know immediately so that we may inform others you may have been in contact with.

• Remember, getting tested for COVID-19 only shows your results for everything up to the point of the test and does not ensure you were not exposed after that point. W&WR reserves the right to add, modify or change any rule, at any time, for any reason. We will post the rules in the barn and online. Online version is considered most current.