Here are answers to some of our most frequently asked questions. Please don't hesitate to contact us with other questions or for more detais.


What is your lesson format?

All riders at Billings Equestrian start with an assessment lesson on one of our amazing, safe school horses. This will help us determine what the best lesson plan is for each individual.

Once riders are assessed, they are then placed into a 30 min private session or into a one hour group riding session. Beginner riders always start in private sessions, and can move to groups once they establish the skills needed to advance.

Unique to our program, we offer a weekly 1 hour horsemanship class that riders have the option to participate in as well. This program teaches fundamentals related to horse ownership for beginners all the way through buying your own horse.

Riders who own their horse, or who lease, are part of a grooming package with Billings Equestrian which defines care responsibilities and lesson duration.

How old does my child need to be to take a lesson?

Billings Equestrian has students under ten years old and over sixty!

Generally, our youngest riders are starting at age 3-4. We use a mini-horse for that instruction and those lessons are private. As these young students grow and learn more, they may be eligible for group lessons.

Do I need equipment?

A helmet is required to ride with Billings Equestrian. BEQ has some helmets available for your riding assesment and first lesson, and then we highly recommend that you purchase your own helmet.

Boots with a heel, not tennis shoes, must be worn for all lessons.

Do you offer services other than riding lessons?

We offer a range of services beyond our lesson program.

Full Training

Off-Property Coaching

Show Coaching


Horse Leases

Horse Sales & Shopping Consulting